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Philosophical Foundation:  New Choice Thinking offers an integrative coaching approach utilizing cognitive-behavioral, neuro-psychological, and natural health methods.  The foundation of coaching is based on advances in the fields of cognitive-behavioral psychology, education, neuro-science, behavioral medicine, and wellness.  It shares the theoretical roots of existential psychology, choice/control theory, information processing, and social and emotional intelligence.  Building on the best from each of these schools of thought; the coaching approach incorporates the advantages of “social networking.”  This holistic approach to coaching  allows for the complex and multi-faceted manner in which people communicate in today’s world.  Taking into considering that we live in a global society, with multi-cultural influences in which communication occurs instantly; coaching efforts must adapt to the broader spectrum.  As the lines of communication become blended the opportunity for change increases.



Board Approved Training


Coaching Choice College is an approved provider training site for The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), upon completion of the 30 or 60-hour course, a certificate will be provided for submittal to CCE.   The 125-hour training is offered to expand your area of specialty.  Niche training is offered to further support areas of specialization.  Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) is available through our affiliate program  Continuing Education offerings for other organizations and Professional Development Units (PDU’s) may be available in conjunction with Coaching Choice Training.


Advanced Specialty Focus Training:

Family of Choice (FOC) Coaching:  Choice coaching is a specific approach to coach training and when combined with FOC coach training it goes beyond the traditional coaching model and extends mentoring to the development of family support by offering a healing community.  Visit:

Core Value Coaching (CVC): Core Values Coaching is specific to using the Core Values Index in coaching for individuals, couples, and in business coaching.  This assessment tool can be used for relationship and  team building.  For more information see:


Take a Free Core Values Assessment to Learn More About Yourself:
Core Values Index


Meet Dr. Clare Steffen

Dr. Clare Steffen is the Founding and Executive Direction of Coaching Choice College, and her cross training and blending of coaching approaches and philosophies have placed her in the unique position to be able to train, guide, and promote holistic education and life, wellness, and business coaching services.


Clare E Steffen

Founder & CEO

Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, CADCII, ICADC, CNHP, CMH, NCC, BCC is a licensed psychologist, certified natural health professional, certified drug and alcohol counselor, board certified counselor,  national board certified counselor, and life, wellness, and business coach.  Dr. Steffen has over forty years providing educational and mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in a variety of settings.  Coaching is a natural extension of her training as an educator and mental health service provider because it allows her more freedom to focus on a broader perspective of life, wellness, and business/leadership development/executive coaching.   Dr. Steffen completed brain health certification from the Amen Clinic, and incorporates this approach in her therapeutic and educational services.  Her special blend of combining natural health, wellness, and a research criteria based approach to coaching create the perfect marriage between allopathic, natural health services. and coaching to create a balanced life.


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