Level 3 Coach Training

Advanced Coach Training

Level 3 Training Program (125 hours):  $6000.00  

action="http://coachingchoicecollege.com/125-hour-training-program/" method="post">This training program incorporates the 60 hours of advanced choice coaching training (Level 2), plus the development of a specialty niche training of the student’s choice (as displayed on the 60-Hour Training Programs page).  The student may also choose to pursue either of the two focused approaches shown below:


Family of Choice (FOC) Coaching:  Choice coaching is a specific approach to coach training and when combined with FOC coach training it goes beyond the traditional coaching model and extends mentoring to the development of family support by offering a healing community.  For more information see:


Core Value Coaching (CVC): Core Values Coaching is specific to using the Core Values Index in coaching for individuals, couples, and in business coaching.  This assessment tool can be used for relationship and  team building.  For more information see:


125 Hour-Training


The training and certification program consists of 125 hours of virtual, tele-training or face to face training segments in which the student will learn a practical approach to coaching.  The student will be taught how to develop their choice coaching philosophy, administer and interpret assessments and integrate a wellness coaching philosophy to begin or apply it to an already established coaching practice.  All training is aligned with the Core Competencies outlined by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Coaching Choice College (CCC) is an approved provider training site for CCE.