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Choice Concept:

No matter what environment we work or exist in, we all want to know that we have meaning.  A purpose in life drives us to achieve remarkable things, and create balance in our lives.  It is our relationships that uniquely define us, and the contributions we make.

The delicate balance between competing and creating evokes an internal tension, that when directed allows us to develop a visionary focus.  It is important to remain authentic to oneself, which can be very difficult in the demanding society in which we live.  Social networks provide means by which we can communicate in a multi-dimensional manner, but it can also become a trap and disrupt our efforts at communicating on an intimate level.

Some of our most profound moments come out of simplicity.  Teaching clients how to align with the simple truths in life can assist in creating personal balance.  Assisting a client in building an authentic foundation can guide them through life and can be achieved through personal coaching.  In learning to become a wellness and prevention coach, you can impact an individual’s life and help them in finding personal meaning and create choices that fulfill and satisfy in life.

Purpose of Choice Coaching:

In providing counseling services, we often approach an individual from the perspective of being “sick.”  The Coaching Choice Model is a means by which you can offer a Wellness Model as opposed to a “Sickness Model.”  If you are looking to provide your clients with an alternative to treatment, offering coaching may by a healthy option, along with a potentially profitable revenue source.


The Coaching Choice Model

Coaching Choice College is a three-tier framework

(Levels 1, 2 & 3) that offers training in the core areas of coaching.  If you'd like to know more about the choice model please visit our informational site:

Choice Coaching Areas:

Business & Executive 

Organization & Development

Team Building

Career Development

Core Values 

Personal Life-Choice

Designing Personal Relationships

Social & Emotional Intelligence

Spirit Building


Cultural Competency

Diet & Nutrition


Veteran Re-Entry


Healthy Living Choices


Education/Skills Building


Life Transitions & Transformation