Coaching Choice College provides a training model that promotes the development of critical and creative thinking skills.   In considering changes in thinking patterns and moving from unhealthy to healthy transitions each individual must develop new choices if their intent is to experience growth.  In effort to transform lives, we sometimes need to assist in the development of life skills, consider internal cognitions, the capacity for impulse control and offer a model for new choice thinking.  CCC offers a training program that sustains life changes by tapping into core values that go beyond simply changing thinking, feeling, or behaving patterns by addressing underlying beliefs that support a philosophy for lifestyle changes that  sustain and enhance life.

Core Values of Coaching Choice College (CCC):

  • Life-Long Learning:  Working together to develop learning communities that are supportive, respectful, and recognize the potential of each individual.
  • Diversity: Coaching Choice College staff and trainees value individual and cultural differences by promoting inclusion and empowerment for all participants.
  • Innovation:  The New Choice Thinking models has the intent of assisting in the development of creative and critical thinking skills in coaches and their clients.  Change is supported and encouraged by connecting to healthy choices.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Coaches work most effectively by working within the context of culture, and gathering support and information from significant others in relation to planning for change within the individual or group environment.
  • Integrity: It is an expectation that relationships will develop with a keen eye on honesty, authenticity and genuine regard to all living creatures.  The promotion of responsible service and trust is core to the coaching process.
  • Accessibility and Universal Design:  Coaching Choice College supports the use of accommodations and modifications but choices to extend beyond current standards and incorporate designs that promote accessibility for all.
  • Sustainability:  The integration of a holistic method in coaching focuses on collaboration and maintaining respect for resources and products that are ecologically, socially respectful and express concern for the global  environment that provides healthy communication and relationships for all participants.


Wellness is a Choice; Choose Wellness!


Coaching Choice College offers a life-long learning environment : We provide comprehensive, accessible, and a quality individualized approach to learning that promotes wellness choices and healthy relationships in coach training.

Learning Goals and Outcomes for Coach Training Programs: 


Strategic Direction of Coaching Choice College:

  • Transforming Lives Through Wellness Coaching:  Coaches occupy many roles and must be prepared to wear many hats in working with clients.  CCC offers learning experiences that prepare the trainee to provide coaching services by enhancing learning related to process, core values and best standard practices and an individualized approach to coaching.
  • A Liberal Arts Approach to Coaching:  CCC training focuses on the development of creative and critical thinking skills that provide a philosophy for living.  The blending of holistic and allopathic though (East Meets West) approach to coaching offers a broad-based approach that is entirely application focused on the global environment in which coaching occurs.
  • Optimal Student Preparation, Progress, and Completion:  Each training program is designed to meet board standards and assist in preparing the participant for certification and examination to be fully recognized as a certified coach.
  • Online and In-Person Learning and Educational Resources:  All training program are designed to offer a high-quality and sustainable educational experience.  The programs are designed to provide an infrastructure for professional development that uses both technology, personal communication, and educational resources that support and enhance coach training learning.
  • A Sustainable Learning and Working Environment:  The principles of Universal Design were incorporated in the development of CCC programs.  All programs focus on life-long learning and professional development that will prepare the participant to create a coaching practice that will sustain professional and personal develop with respect for their social-ecological environment.
  • A Diverse and Inclusive Learning and Working Environment:   The concepts of individual differences and diversity at a learning style, cultural influence, and socio-economic background level are considered in online and face-to-face communication with the expectation that diversity is a value that is supported and respected at CCC.
  • A Safe Learning and Working Environment:  The need for a safe environment whether online or in person is an expectation that is highly regarded at Coaching Choice College.  The promotion of activities, practices, and process that encourage civil discourse, and protect the college learning community from discrimination, harassment, threats, and harm is supported.


Wellness is a choice that shines like a beacon of light!