Designing Personal Relationships by Choice~60 Hour TX

Level 2 DPR Training Program

(60 hours):  $3000.00  

Designing Personal Relationships By Choice!

The program consists of core seminar requirements in East Meets West: Wellness Choice Coaching plus advanced skills training.  The following areas of training are provided:

1.  Core Competencies

2.  Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

3.  Our Choices Define Us: Wellness  & Prevention

4.  Ethics: Our Guideposts in Coaching

5.  The Development of New Choices

6.  Wellness as a Metaphysical Choice

7.  Beyond Problem Solving to Growth:  Assessment and Evaluation

8.  East Meets West: Integrated Wellness Coaching

9.  Habits of Mind: Developing Critical Thinking

10. Cognitions of Choice: Cognitive Restructuring

11.  Exemplary Coaching: Observation of Leadership Techniques and Strategies

12.  Developing Your Evolving Coaching Business

13.  Relationships:  The Big Five/The Core Connection

14.  Defining Your Coaching Focus

15.  Independent Study: Your Personal Trademark

16.  Launching Your Coaching Business

The training and certification program consists of 60 hours of virtual, tele-training or face to face training segments in which the student will learn a practical approach to coaching.  The student will be taught the foundation skills, learn how to administer and interpret the Core Values Index and DISC assessments and other assessments in a variety of settings as it applies to their independent study project and advance their coaching practice.

Independent Study Project:

The student chooses an advisor approved area of study within one of the three concentrations areas of choice coaching.  A research-based project will be developed by the student which allows for building an individualized coaching program.  The Independent Study Project will incorporate the following:

·     A concentrated area of coaching research

·     Utilization of the Core Value Index, DISC, or assessment developed by Coaching Choice College including application to the specific area of study

·     Three PowerPoint Presentations in support of the specified coaching area

·     The development of marketing materials for the Individual                           Coaching    Project: handouts, brochures,     social-networking plan, etc. 

Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching 60-Hour Training

Level 2  SEI Training Program (60 hours):  $3000.00  

Social-Emotional Intelligence Coaching 


1.  Emotional Intelligence as an Effective Foundation for Coaching

2.  Connecting Emotional Intelligence and Coaching 

3.  The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Coaching

4.  Building Social and Emotional Effectiveness in Your Clients

5.  Developing Your Emotional Awareness as a Coach

6.  Understanding and Working with Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes

7.  Core Coaching Skills

8.  How Goals Flow From Values to Action

9.  The Coaching Toolkit

10.  Coaching Ethics and Best Practice 

This course provides the necessary information to expand your knowledge of SEI which will enable you to begin building your expertise in this area of coaching.  It will teach you how to create sustainable changes in your clients.  Having an emotionally intelligent core-based coaching practice will help you stand out in the crowd amongst other coaches.  The field of emotional intelligence continues to grow globally and is every expanding.  Having the skills and competencies of an EI coach will prepare you to participate in this global movement and make a difference and social contribution to the field of coaching.  You will be provided with a framework to develop your EI coaching practice and acquire the skills necessary to begin or expand your EI coaching practice.  Make an intelligent choice, start today!

Advocacy~ Integrating a Victim-Defined Approach

 Level 2 V-D-A Training Program (60 hours):  $3000.00

Integrating a Victim-Defined Approach


1. The Stop Program

2. The 15 Commandments of Stop

3. The House of Abuse & Relapse Prevention

4. The Cycle of Abuse

5. Red Flags of Trauma

6. Mindfulness & The Many Faces of Addiction

7. Assertiveness and Dealing with Conflict

8. Ethics &  Victim-Defined Advocacy Coaching

9. Coaches Approaches for Busines& Organizations

10. Core Competencies & Victim-Defined Advocacy Coaching 

 This course will offer coaching choices, methods and approaches, and ways to teach clients and families how to overcome victimization and build resiliency. Having the skills necessary to work collaboratively with other professionals who provide treatment, legal, or social support services is a  necessary skill for professional coaches.   The characteristics of violence and patterns in men vs. women as perpetrators or victims will be explored. An in-depth examination and discussion regarding the effects of domestic violence and residual trauma will be offered.  Many “victims” are rebuilding their lives and experience increased risks when attempting to leave the situation, acquire a job or work skills and secure a job, or other attempts at independence.  For those who are already working, the employer costs are extreme in relation to changes in productivity, absenteeism, and health-related concerns.  Coaches can make a difference by assisting victims with the development of advocacy skills.  

     Terminology referred to as survivor-defined, trauma-informed, or strength-based have resulted from changes in our approach to understanding domestic violence which has resulted in a change in perspective to improve service and increase prevention efforts by listening to the stories of those who have survived, and by creating a fresh approach and partnership of victim-defined advocacy.  Coaches can contribute to this important social movement, and play a significant advocacy partnership role in listening, reviewing the risks,  implementing strengthened plans, building support, and by identifying relevant options. Empowerment is a major focus in coaching, and assisting the client in addressing the batter and life-generated risks in a realistic manner will be a necessary step toward change.   


Developing Your Choice Coaching Practice

The student pursuing a training and certification in coaching may choose a specific area of Choice Coaching in which to develop the project and ultimate coaching business.   An individual area of study and research is pursued with the intent of developing a coaching business that will provide a viable income source for the student upon completion of training and acquisition of the coaching certificate.

Program Goal:  

By the completion of the program, the student will have acquired the skills, training and developed the necessary materials to start their coaching business.


The training and certification program consists of 60 hours of virtual, tele-training or face to face training segments in which the student will learn a practical approach to coaching.  The student will be taught how to develop their choice coaching philosophy, administer and interpret  assessments and integrate a wellness coaching philosophy to begin or apply it to an already established coaching practice.  All training is aligned with the Core Competencies outlined by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Coaching Choice College (CCC) is an approved provider training site for CCE.  Upon completion, a certificate will be provided for submittal to CCE toward competency or renewal hours.

Coaching Choice Applications and Specialty Niche Training

Coaching Choice Applications & Specialty Niche Training Programs:

25 Hour Training $500.00

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Niche Coaching
  • Core Competency Coaching
  • Core Values Coaching
  • Enneagram Personal Coaching
  • Nature's Spiritual Coaching
  • Wellbriety Coaching
  • Coaching for Peace
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Coaching 
  • Victim Defined-Advocacy Coaching
  • Family Life & Parenting Coaching

This intensive course offers 25-Hours of CE credit (21 hours online education and niche development and 4-hours of consultation with Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., ND, CADCII, ICADC, CNHP, CMH, NCC, BCC).  You will examine ten areas of coaching that can become your specialized niche.  Developing a niche in coaching allows you to expand your practice and stand out as an expert in the field.  The ten areas presented can be utilized to develop other niche coaching interests.  Assessment tools are provided within the course which will be helpful in focusing your coaching efforts.  Whether you decide to further develop your niche or just broaden your skills to offer a deeper coaching connection, the topics presented in this course will develop and expand your approach to coaching.  Creating your own niche and area of specialization can help you develop as a social entrepreneur, and contribute to the field of coaching.  Enroll today and create your niche!  

Create Your Own Niche Course Content:

  • Academic & Learning Coaching
  • Acting & Artistic Coaching
  • Anger Management Coaching
  • Addiction-Free Living Coaching
  • ADD & ADHD Coaching
  • Adolescent Leadership Coaching
  • Child Leadership Coaching
  • Divorce & Custody Coaching
  • Family Leadership Coaching
  • Beauty & Aesthetic Coaching
  • Bereavement Coaching
  • Beyond 12-Step Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Career Choice Coaching
  • Caretaker Coaching
  • Christian Coaching
  • Communication Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Creative Choice & Artistic Vision Coaching
  • Cultural Diversity Coaching
  • Dating & Relationship Building Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Development Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Financial Freedom & Choices Coaching
  • Healthy Aging Coaching
  • Holistic/Healthy Lifestyle Choice Coaching
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Learning for Life Coaching
  • Life Balance Coaching
  • Life Choice Coaching
  • Life-Span Development Coaching
  • Metaphysical & Spirituality Coaching
  • Memory Training Coaching
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Parenting Coaching: Children First Series
  • Partnership Coaching
  • Recovery & Prevention Coaching
  • Retirement Planning & Future Thinking Coaching
  • Self-Empowerment Coaching
  • Self-Image Coaching
  • Shame Reduction Coaching
  • Social Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Social Skills Development Coaching
  • Smoking Cessation Coaching
  • Stop the Bullying Coaching
  • Stomp Out Cyber-Bullying Coaching
  • Management Choice & Team Building Coaching
  • Transcendence & Transformation Coaching
  • Veteran Re-Entry Coaching
  • Weight Loss & Management Coaching
  • Wellness & Holistic Life Choice Coaching

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